Apple Internet Resources


Office Software:

Try these before you spend money on something else!

NeoOffice — Neo Office is an OS X port of OpenOffice.

OpenOffice — OpenOffice is an open source derivative of Sun’s Star Office and a very competent multiplatform alternative to Microsoft Office. OS X users will need to install the in order to run OpenOffice, which can be found installation discs that came with your computer.

AbiWord — AbiWord is an excellent multiplatform word processor for the platform of your choice, including OS X.

Apple Downloads — The above programs and more are available directly from Apple’s site.

Open Source Mac — “A simple list of free, open-source software for Mac OS X.”

Graphics Software:

GIMP — GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program, a free and very competent alternative to Adobe Photoshop. The GIMP requires an X Windowing Layer provided by the The comes with OS X but is not installed by default.

POV-Ray — This little program requires coding skills, but the results are worth it!. POV-Ray dates back to the Amiga and nowadays runs on Mac OS 9 and OS X, and just about any other platform.

Web Browsers:

Safari — Safari is Apple’s official web browser for OS X. Update to the latest version here.

Firefox — One of the most popular browsers on the internet, second only to Internet Explorer. Mac users may prefer Camino, (see below) which is based on the same rendering engine but is styled for the Macintosh.

Camino — Like Firefox, Camino is another Mozilla based web browser, but optimized for and styled for Apple’s OS X.

Opera — Opera is a lightweight standards complaint multiplatform web browser with integrated BitTorrent support. Opera can pretend to be Internet Explorer.

Classic Macintosh Web Browsers:

Internet Explorer 5.1.7 - OS 9 (direct download) — The best browser for classic PowerPC Macs. Unfortunately no longer supported by Microsoft. This download is available from the archives available on evolt.

iCab — One of the few browsers still supported for classic Macs. iCab pro requires a $29 license. There is an OS X version of iCab as well, but why pay for an alternative to Safari?

Wanna-Be — The Wanna-Be Web Browser is a text-only web browser for Mac OS 7.5 and above. Thanks to Peter Carras of COWMUG for this link!

Apple Shopping Sites:

Other World Computing — “Serving the Mac Universe since 1988.” Highly recommended by Bob Donaldson and other members of North Pittsburgh Apple User Group.

MacResource — A place to find Macintosh peripherals and accessories.

Classic Macintosh:

System 7 Today — The name pretty much says it all; System 7 Today contains resources and an active forum for 68K and PowerPC Macs running System 7. The site itself is hosted on System 7! System 7 is my choice for use when emulating a 68k Mac.

Lowendmac — How much mac do you need? Guides and specifications for older Macintosh models.

The Vintage Mac Museum — The Vintage Mac Museum features Motorola and PowerPC based Macs. Perfect for lovers of beige.

Low-End Mac FAQ — Technical information on older Macs.

The Apple Museum — History of the Apple Computer company.

Mel’s Macintosh Universe — Mel owns a number of classic Macintosh computers.

Mac 512 — Classic Macintosh web site.

Jagshouse — Resources for classic Macintosh users.


Running an emulator on your computer increases the range of software that you’ll be able to run. Setting up an emulator also enhance your knowledge of computer operating systems! Start with mini-vMac; it’s the easiest to set up and has been ported to every computer system and electronic gadget imaginable.

Emaculation — A site dedicated to emulating Apple Macintosh computers. Includes an excellent Beginners’ Guide to Emulating a Macintosh. Emaculation should be your first stop on the road to emulating a classic mac.

Basilisk II — Basilisk II emulates the 68K Motorola architecture and can run Mac OS 8.1 on Linux, Windows, or the new Intel Macs. Basilisk II requires a (Legal please!) copy of OS 8.1 and an image of a Mac Quadra ROM. Someone in one of Pittsburgh’s user groups might have that kind of stuff lying around.

OS X BasiliskII port — An OS X version of the Basilisk II emulator that uses the Aqua interface.

Mini-vMac — Mini-vMac emulates the Macintosh Plus on Linux, Windows, OS 9 and OS X Macs, PDAs, Nintendo DS, and more! Like the Basilisk II program above you’ll need a ROM image from an old Mac Plus.

SheepShaver — Enables you to run the PowerPC versions of the Classic Mac OS. It runs in native mode on PowerPC systems and uses emulation on Intel systems. For Mac, Windows, and Linux. Thanks to Peter Carras of COWMUG for this link!

Systems 6 and 7 are available from Apple’s download directory free of charge.

Parallels — Parallels software will allow you to run Windows as an application on any Intel powered Mac. A free trail is available for download.

Apple Tech, Rumor, and Support Sites:

The Mac Observer — “You’ll get your Mac news here from now on!”

MacMinute — Macintosh news and information.

MacUser — “News, info, and opinion by Mac users, for Mac users.”

Macworld — “The Mac Experts — Apple, Mac, and iPod News, Reviews, Help, and Discussion.”

iLounge — If you have an iPod, ilounge is the place to go. — “OS X tips and tricks!” Macosxhints appeals to the Mac geeks, but there’s a little geek in all of us.

MacCompanion — “Your guide to all things Macintosh” This online Mac magazine is published in PDF format.

Everymac — “Mac Specs, Prices, Answers, & More.” — Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak’s personal page.

All about Steve — Web site biography on Steve Jobs.

The Joy of Tech — “Because laughter is the best tech support.”

MacInTouch — “Timely news and tips about Apple Macintosh, iTunes, iPhone and more...”

MacDailyNews — Apple and Mac News.

MacFixIt -- Mac Tips and Troubleshooting, now hosted by CNET.

Gizmodo — “So much in love with shiny new toys, it’s unnatural.” I should add that the Gizmodo folks are big Mac fans too. — Popular link dump for news, video, and images. Links to Digg’s Apple news.

TidBITS — “Mac news for the rest of us.”

DavidPogue — “David Pogue, New York Times technology columnist, CBS news correspondent.”

ARS Technica — “We specialize in original news and reviews, analysis of technology trends, and expert advice on topics ranging from the most fundamental aspects of technology to the many ways technology is helping us enjoy our world.”

TUAW — “The Unofficial Apple Weblog.”

VersionTracker — “Mac OS X Software Updates and Mac OS X Downloads.”

MacUpdate — “Download Apple Mac Software & iPhone Software.”

MacManagers — “The Definitive Resource for Mac Managers.”

AFP548 — “Changing the world one server at a time.”

MacRumors — “Apple Mac Rumors and News You Care About.”

CrazyMacRumors — “Crazy Apple Rumors Site is your source for Apple rumors, the inside scoop on the personal lives of Apple executives and the tragic stories of men who love pudding too much and the women who love them.”

MacSurfer — “MacSurfer’s Headline News.”

AppleInsider — “Apple Insider News and Analysis.”

InsanelyGreatMac — “Apple Mac News and & Information.”

TheAppleBlog — Apple news in a blog format.

MacNewsWorld — “Mac Intelligence for the Enterprise.”

TechCrunch — “A weblog dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies.”

MacsimumNews — “For your digital life(style).”

Architosh — “The leading Internet magazine dedicated to Mac CAD and 3D professionals and students worldwide.”

AppleMatters — “A serious yet irreverent look at all things Apple.”

MacReviewZone — “A comprehensive index of all online hardware and software reviews by the major Macintosh related magazines MacAddict, macHOME, Mac Gamer's Ledge, MacUser UK and Macworld.”

Macinstein — “Mac Only Search Engine, where Macintosh is always a keyword.”

CrunchGear — “A blog covering gadgets, gear and computer hardware.”

MacLife — “Computer Reviews, News, Mac Software for Apple Laptops, iPhone, iPod, Mac.”

WSJBlogs — Link coming soon... — “Serving as the first online video network dedicated to Apple news and rumors, The Digital Lifestyle also has the largest collection of Apple-related videos in the world.”

SmokingApples — “Smoking Apples is a website and blog dedicated to all things Apple and with a special something for our Indian readers.”